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    Gwent For Europe November 11th 2017
    Centre Maurits Coppieters Awards 2017 - Carme Forcadell September 27th 2017
    Launch of Wales in Europe Campaign February 10th 2016
    UK Referendum Plenary Speach February 3rd 2016
    EFA Launch September 4th 2013
    EFA General Assembly, Merano, April 11th 2013 April 11th 2013
    Plenary Speech: Preparations for the European Council Meeting, 14-15 March 2013 March 13th 2013
    What Future in the European Union? December 8th 2012
    The Eurozone Crisis: Impact, Policies and Way forward November 15th 2012
    Plenary Speech: Growth and Jobs Strategy May 22nd 2012
    Engaging with the New European Economic Governance Architecture, Conference May 2nd 2012
    Plenary Speech: Report on the European Council Meeting 16/9/2010 September 22nd 2010
    Plenary Speech on the Vote on the new Commission February 9th 2010
    Plenary Speech in advance of European Council meeting of December 10th & 11th 2009 November 25th 2009
    Speech at Maurice Coppieters Meeting September 26th 2009
    Plenary Speech - Commission President September 15th 2009
    Ensuring the viability of a new Europe, Galicia November 8th 2008
    Revision of Waste Framework Directive February 12th 2007
    EFA 25th Anniversary General Assembly, Brussels >May 25th 2006
    Jill's response to Tony Blair's speech to Euro Parliament October 25th 2005
    Plenary speech - the opening of the UK Presidency June 23rd 2005
    Cyfenter Development Partnership Round Two Research Seminar, Cardiff January 26th 2005
    The Luxembourg Presidency, Strasbourg January 12th 2005
    "Women in Rural Areas""Kratsa Report - Parliamentary session, Strasbourg July 3rd 2003
    "Towards EU Accession: forward looking strategies for gender equality" June 11th 2003
    Commission's report of the Implementation of the White Paper "Teaching and Learning - Towards the learning society" May 14th 2001
    Animal Health Requirements Applicable To Non-Commercial Movement of Pet Aminals May 3rd 2001
    Islwyn Public Meeting January 21st 2000
    Photo: Jill Evans