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    I would like to support in particular Amendments 38 and 46. We need to be explicit about the measures that should be implemented, like parental benefits, childcare facilities and policies to combat sexual harassment.

    We also need to call for more than "initiating positive steps to promote equal pay". The Directive on Equal Pay was adopted over 20 years ago but there is still a 28% pay gap so we need to strengthen the wording and require the member states to ensure equal pay for equal work and work of equal value.

    The Commission's own report on the implementation of the Employment Policies said that Member States had "failed to go beyond token efforts at alleviating gender inequalities". Mainstreaming is not going to happen until the people making policy understand how to implement it effectively and until there is a better balance of women and men among decision-makers. New research in Wales has shown that women are hugely under-represented in management positions and do not move up the career ladder as quickly as their qualifications should allow. This is a typical scenario.

    These issues need to be adequately addressed in the Guidelines and the Amendments would achieve that.

    Jill Evans MEP
    Plaid Cymru

    Photo: Jill Evans