Daily Post Column
Septemmber 12th 2017

The Raspberry Pi. No, thatís not a spelling mistake and neither is this a recipe column! It is the name of the most popular computer in history and an innovation that has changed the world. Most importantly, it was invented by a Welshman and is made in Wales.

The Raspberry Pi computer is about the size of a credit card, and costs just £30. It is made in the Sony factory in Pencoed, which has just produced the 10 millionth Raspberry Pi computer, putting it in the record books.

The Raspberry Pi has had a huge impact in the education sector and has introduced a new generation to computer coding and IT innovation. It has also travelled over us in the International Space Station where it has also been used.

Promoting Wales is my job and success stories like this are fantastic. This is exactly the type of hi-tech, innovative industry that we need more of. We do it so well but we don't tell people about it enough.

The six-month presidency of the European Union is currently held by Estonia. Estonia is much smaller than Wales with just 1.3 million people. When it became independent in 1991, less than half of the population had a telephone line. Twenty-six years later, it is not exaggerating to describe it as a digital superpower. It was the first country to allow voting online in general elections and since 2000 internet access is considered a human right. Children learn coding in school. It is frequently labelled the most tech-savvy country in the world.

Next week I will going to the Basque Country to look at the kind of training they provide, particularly in the world famous Mondragon co-operative. They have developed highly specialised industries and ensured a highly skilled workforce.

As our wonderful football team has shown, we can compete with the very best. That is why my top priority now as your MEP is ensuring that the coming years provide us with the opportunity to do just that. We are facing difficult times. I will not allow Wales's voice to be ignored. Our nation's very future depends upon it.


Photo: Jill Evans