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    Jill Evans renews calls for Trident to be scrapped August 6th 2015
    Joint Statement of Members of the European Parliament supporting the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons September 26th 2014
    Plaid says 'no to EU army' December 11th 2013
    Plaid MEP calls for a Peace Institute/Academi Heddwch for Wales March 21st 2013
    A bullet proof Arms Trade Treaty June 22nd 2012
    Plaid Cymru President marks anniversary of Fukushima nuclear disaster March 7th 2012
    Spreading Peace February 10th 2010
    Jill Evans MEP calls for a Peace Institute for Wales November 18th 2009
    Oh not a lovely war! - MEP to speak in Aberystwyth November 25th 2008
    Easter: Jill Evans to speak at Aldermaston March 19th 2008
    MEP returns to nuclear blockade September 27th 2007
    MEP urges more protests in wake of nuclear vote March 15th 2007
    MEP to address mass London rally February 23rd 2007
    Plaid MEP and AM arrested at nuclear blockade January 8th 2007
    Trident makes world more dangerous place December 6th 2006
    MEP to speak at Cardiff youth awards ceremony September 20th 2006
    MEP renews call for nuclear free Wales September 12th 2006
    MEP to address Swansea multi-faith peace conference May 21st 2006
    Chernobyl - never again April 25th 2006
    Chernobyl: New report further questions final cancer death toll April 19th 2006
    Plaid slam Blair's hypocrisy on new nuclear weapons May 2nd 2005
    Plaid Cymru MEP meets Hiroshima Mayor January 20th 2005
    New nuclear danger: Welsh political leader speaks at European Social Forum October 15th 2004
    MEP's loud and clear message from Wales April 8th 2004
    ‘No new nukes’ - Plaid Cymru Deputy Leader speaks in Brecon with British CND leader March 5th 2004
    Hiroshima Mayor praises MEPs work for peace: call for Welsh cities to join anti nuclear network March 4th 2004
    Euro-MPs demand commitment on nuclear weapons ahead of key UN talks February 11th 2004
    Kinnock slammed for backing nuclear cover-up January 14th 2004
    MEP and author to address Common Ground October 3rd 2003
    MEP urges peace action in Lewis Valentine Memorial Lecture June 24th 2003
    Welsh MEP calls for investigation into Palestine arrest November 18th 2002
    Welsh MEP urges support for anti war day of action October 30th 2002
    Welsh MEP set to address biggest ever UK anti-war rally September 26th 2002
    European Leader to speak at Swansea anti-war rally July 19th 2002
    MEPs receive Urdd Message of Peace and Goodwill May 17th 2002
    MEP's missile defence warning March 1st 2002
    Plaid Call For End To Bombing At Anti-War Rally November 11th 2001
    European Leader To Speak At Cardiff Anti-War Rally November 9th 2001
    European Leader To Speak At Cardiff Anti-War Rally November 9th 2001
    MEP issues plea for Landmine Action Week November 5th 2001
    Landmine Danger Adds To Afghan Woes October 26th 2001
    Greens/EFA Condemn UK Government On Sellafield Decision October 3rd 2001
    'Anniversary a timely reminder of nuclear threat' - MEP August 27th 2001
    Photo: Jill Evans