Jill Evans MEP votes to ensure stricter welfare regulation on Rabbit farming
March 15th 2017

Today the European Parliament voted for stricter welfare regulations for rabbit farms. The report on Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits (2016/2077(INI)) calls for a move away from the use of cages in rabbit farming to alternative systems, whilst a separate amendment was passed which calls for species-specific legislation.

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans who voted in favour of the report and amendment said,

"Iíve received thousands of emails and letters from concerned constituents about this matter; I know that people across Wales are disgusted by the fact that there are farms across Europe where rabbits are housed in tiny cages with little room to move. These cramped and unhygienic conditions lead to diseases and parasites becoming widespread, this in turn encourages the rampant use of antibiotics which accelerates the growth of antibiotic resistance.

"I have consistently worked to improve animal welfare legislation in the EU. Rabbits are the fourth most farmed species in the world and it is vital that we maintain high level of care for all animals across the whole of Europe.

"This why I support the call for specific laws on farm rabbits as we already have for pigs, calves, laying hens and broiler chickens."


Photo: Jill Evans