Image: Jill Evans MEP
Jill Evans MEP Monthly Report
May & June 2017


  • I met with Nia Moss of the National Assembly for Wales Research Service.

  • I met Professor Volker Roeben to discuss the research I commissioned on EU associate citizenship.

  • I attended the EEA Parliamentary Committee meeting in Reykjavik and met the President of Iceland.


  • I was interviewed by ITV about the end of roaming charges.

  • I presented a report to the Traditional Minorities Intergroup in the Parliament on languages in the digital age.

  • I spoke at a seminar organised by the European Citizens Advisory Service on EU Citizenship.

  • I invited Jessica Rees from Crickhowell on work experience in my Brussels office.

  • I invited Eluned Haf of Wales Arts International to speak at the Brexit hearing in the Culture Committee.

  • I arranged for the Swansea University research team to visit Brussels to present the EU citizenship report.

  • I organised a programme for the EFA group meeting in Cardiff including a tour of the Senedd and a meeting with Elin Jones and Leanne Wood.

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  • Photo: Jill Evans