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  • Jill Evans MEP Monthly Report
    May 2012
    In Wales

  • Met Presiding, and deputy Presiding officers, Welsh MEPs and Committee Chairs in the Senedd.

  • Spoke at “Engaging with the New European Economic Governance Architecture” Conference.

  • Wrote a Plaid Cymru position paper on the Eurozone Crisis.

    In the European Parliament

  • Delivered report to the European Parliament on her visit to Turkey as part of the parliamentary delegation.

  • Spoke in special debate in European Parliament criticising the failure of austerity measures, highlighting growing youth unemployment in Wales, and increasing job losses amongst women.

  • Voted in favour of a new ‘Robin Hood’ or Financial Transaction Tax which was backed by the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

  • Arranged meeting in the European Parliament with the Wales Council for Voluntary Action and called for 75% of public procurement to be purchased from Welsh suppliers.

  • Welcomed Aberystwyth Rotary Club to the European Parliament in Brussels.

  • Took part in Round Table discussion with European Youth Forum to discuss lowering the voting age.

  • Held Q&A session with Welsh government officials to discuss the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).


  • Photo: Jill Evans