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  • Jill Evans MEP Monthly Report
    January 2016

  • In response to the news of potential job losses in TATA Steel in Port Talbot I arranged for a Plaid Cymru delegation to come to Brussels to discuss the issues that faces the sector with the EU Commission.

  • I called on the UK government to make use of the EU Solidarity Fund to help flood-stricken areas of Wales and for the Welsh Government to be given the right to apply to increase its support for flood hit areas. It is high time the Welsh Government demanded the right to maximise the benefits of EU membership for Wales.

  • I called on Wales to be at the forefront of completing the Digital Single Market because the digital economy is vital to help Wales flourish and play its part in the global world.

  • I oversaw an opinion on Poverty: a Gender Perspective in the Culture Committee. It’s imperative that legislation and regulation on equality in the workplace translates into lessening the poverty and employability divide between genders.

  • I met with organisers of the Thalidomide Survivors campaign to discuss next steps.

  • Alongside my EFA colleagues I met with the leaders of Sinn Fein to discuss the Irish Peace Process.

  • I met with Ms Katrin Sjogren, Head of the Ĺland Government in Brussels to discuss various issues including the issue of geo-blocking and minority languages.

  • I sponsored a seminar with the Royal College of Nursing on TTIP.

  • I organised an anti-TTIP campaign, with a local day of action to be held in 10 locations over Wales on the 30th of January, giving local candidates the chance to engage with constituents on this important issue.

  • I chaired a digital tourism workshop at the University of Swansea’s conference on the “Big Data” revolution and how it's impacting on the global travel and tourism industries.

    Contact Jill:

    Jill Evans MEP, European parliament 4F374 , Wiertz-Straat, B-1047, Brussel
    Tel: 00 322 284 5103 E:jill.evans@ep.europa.eu.

    Jill Evans MEP, 45 Gelligaled Road, Ystrad, Rhondda, CF41 7RQ
    Tel: 01443 441395 E: jill.evans@ep.europa.eu.


  • Photo: Jill Evans