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  • Jill Evans MEP Monthly Report
    January 2013
    In Wales

  • I took part in several television and radio programmes on our response to David Cameron's speech on the EU.

  • I continued my work for better public procurement laws to enable more purchasing in Wales. This could create a potential 50,000 jobs and strengthen the local economy. According to the latest figures only 52% of public spending goes to companies based in Wales. Value Wales calculate that every additional 1% increase means 2000 more jobs. Raising the figure to 75% would mean an increase of 46,000 jobs.

  • I spoke at a public meeting organised by Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign and showed the film of the European Free Alliance (EFA) delegation to the West Bank.

    In the European Parliament

  • I had a meeting with representatives of Airbus to discuss their work on sustainability. I will be visiting Broughton in the near future.

  • I voted in favour of regulating Credit Rating Agencies. In future these bodies will only be able to issue sovereign debt ratings at specific times and they will be liable for damages in the event of ill-founded ratings. Unfavourable credit ratings have led to soaring public debt in many countries which has caused financial hardship.

  • I called for EU funding for farmers to be maintained as the Agriculture committee voted on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Drastic cuts in the budget which both UK Tory and Labour want would be disastrous.

  • I hosted a seminar on sustainable tourism to launch a network to share ideas on tourism sustainability and how it can best serve local communities. Anglesey company, Pellennig, gave a presentation. The centre provides outdoor adventure activities through the medium of Welsh.

  • I organised a meeting to show the film of EFA MEPs delegation to Palestine which was attended by over a hundred people.

  • I welcomed the ban on imports and sale of cosmetics tested on animals which comes into effect this year.


  • Photo: Jill Evans