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  • Jill Evans MEP Monthly Report
    February 2015

  • I met representatives of FSB Wales in Brussels to discuss their position on TTIP and the current situation of the tourism industry in Wales.

  • I spoke at the UNPO conference on languages entitled “Language, Identity and Power; what future for Minority Languages in Europe?”

  • I spoke at the “Environmental and Cultural Sustainability in Lužyca/Lausitz” EFA conference about the Welsh Coal mining experience.

  • I hosted and spoke at the launch of the NPLD European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity.

  • I took part in Friends of the Earth’s TTIP “Trojan Horse” protests in Brussels and spoke at an event for protestors from the UK who had travelled to join the protest.

  • I was a guest on the BBC’s Politics Europe show held every Friday of Strasbourg Plenary week as part of Daily Politics Show, London. The topics on the table were the situation in Greece, the Ukraine and anti-terrorism measures.

  • I went on a study visit with the North Norway European Office. The study was entitled, “North Norway – Smart and Sustainable Growth in the European Arctic.” I met with Sami MPs to discuss cultural issues and discussed environmental and climate issues with the Arctic Council.

  • On the invitation of my fellow EFA MEP, Jordi Sebastia from Valencia, alongside Josep-Maria Terricabras and Ernest Maragall from Catalunya. I visited 3 schools in Valencia should have received funding from the European Investment Bank. It is alleged that the Valencian government has not invested the funds in the education system but elsewhere. The aim of the visit was to see how we in Wales could learn lessons from the Valencian experience.

  • I welcomed Bronwen Lloyd from St Nicholas in the Vale of Glamorgan to my Brussels office on a week’s work experience.

    Contact Jill:

    Jill Evans MEP, European parliament 4F374 , Wiertz-Straat, B-1047, Brussel
    Tel: 00 322 284 5103 E:jill.evans@ep.europa.eu.

    Jill Evans MEP, 45 Gelligaled Road, Ystrad, Rhondda, CF41 7RQ
    Tel: 01443 441395 E: jill.evans@ep.europa.eu.


  • Photo: Jill Evans