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  • Jill Evans MEP Monthly Report
    December 2014

  • I chaired a meeting of campaign groups to discuss the Welsh Government Planning Bill and its affect on the Welsh language

  • I nominated Aled Gruffydd Jones of the National Library of Wales to give evidence at the Culture and Education Committee’s hearing on Cultural heritage in Europe.

  • I spoke at an event with Swansea Tidal Lagoon to further promote the innovative development. I also spoke about the lagoon in the December plenary session.

  • I cautiously welcomed Jean Claude Juncker’s 10 point investment plan and called on the Welsh Government to put forward projects as a priority.

  • I welcomed the decision to allocate EU funding to Aberystwyth University.

  • I met members of the Sustainable Tourism Network to discuss future projects.

  • I met Sabine McNeill from Mckenzie Friends to discuss forced adoptions in the UK an EU-wide petition to the European Parliament on the matter.

  • I spoke in Parliament critising the Commission's plans to scrap air quality standards and recycling measures in their Work Programme for 2015.

  • I spoke in a panel debate organised by ILGA-Europe (International Lesbian & Gay Association Europe) on combatting homophobic bullying and discrimination in schools.

  • I participated as a member of the EU-Europe Economic Area delegation in the EU-Switzerand interparliamentary meeting and spoke on the importance of the Erasmus programmes.

  • Armon Gwilym joined my team as Communications Officer based in Ty Gwynfor.

    Contact Jill:

    Jill Evans MEP, European parliament 4F374 , Wiertz-Straat, B-1047, Brussel
    Tel: 00 322 284 5103 E:jill.evans@ep.europa.eu.

    Jill Evans MEP, 45 Gelligaled Road, Ystrad, Rhondda, CF41 7RQ
    Tel: 01443 441395 E: jill.evans@ep.europa.eu.


  • Photo: Jill Evans