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26/04/17: Western Mail Country & Farming Column
Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting a farm in Llwyncelyn, Rhondda. During my time as an MEP, I have done many farm visits in different parts of the country and to different kinds of farms. This was the first time in my home area. People don't generally connect the Rhondda Valleys with farming, but of course there are farms on the mountains. Farmers I met from the area explained how farming the urban fringe brought particular problems, but their broader concerns mirrored those of their counterparts across Wales.................. More.

20/04/17: Jill Evans MEP calls for openness in the negotiations
Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has called for the negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the EU to be as open as possible so that citizens can get the facts about the discussions. Jill Evans said, "The time has come for openness and honesty. The negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will have a massive impact on our future. People must know what is being said and done................. More.

11/04/17: Daily Post Column
I may be the only Plaid Cymru Member of the European Parliament but I am one of a team of Plaid politicians that work together at all levels for the Welsh national interest: council, Assembly, Westminster and European. I was particularly proud last week at the work of my MP colleague Hywel Williams. As an MP known for championing the interests of people in most need of support, he drew our attention to a very serious development................ More.

29/03/17: Plaid Cymru MEP reacts to the triggering of Article 50
On the day of the triggering of Article 50, Jill Evans MEP has committed to continue to work hard to make Wales’s voice is heard in the EU as the negotiations begin............... More.

28/03/17: Western Mail Country & Farming Column
Last week people all over the world raised awareness of the importance of our woodlands and their ecosystems for the International Day of Forests. Its theme this year was "Forests and Energy", promoting sustainable wood energy. We are reminded that wood is the world’s most widely used source of renewable energy; it is vital resource for meeting the world’s renewable energy demand.............. More.

15/03/17: Jill Evans MEP votes to ensure stricter welfare regulation on Rabbit farming
Today the European Parliament voted for stricter welfare regulations for rabbit farms. The report on Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits (2016/2077(INI)) calls for a move away from the use of cages in rabbit farming to alternative systems, whilst a separate amendment was passed which calls for species-specific legislation. .............. More.

14/03/17: Daily Post Column
Last year I went with Liz Saville Roberts MP to the refugee camp in Calais and saw at first hand the desperate situation of the people, especially the children. Many children had families already in the UK and could not understand why authorities were keeping them in dire conditions, and stopping them from being reunited with their relatives............... More.

08/03/17: Plaid Cymru AM, MP and MEP unite to celebrate International Women’s Day
Leanne Wood, Liz Saville Roberts and Jill Evans unite to celebrate the gains made in the battle for women’s rights over the last century whilst also highlighting the importance of protecting the rights gained through EU legislation. .............. More.

15/02/17: Plaid Cymru MEP disappointed by CETA outcome
Commenting on the European Parliament's vote to approve the controversial CETA free trade deal between the EU and Canada, Plaid MEP Jill Evans said, “I am deeply disappointed by this outcome............... More.

14/02/17: MEP will vote against Canada trade agreement
Plaid MEP Jill Evans will vote against the EU – Canada trade agreement, known as CETA, in the European Parliament this week. MEPs will vote on the controversial trade deal on Wednesday. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is a free trade agreement that has been negotiated over the past seven years, largely in secret.................. More.

14/02/17: Daily Post Column
This year marks thirty years since the establishment of Erasmus, the EU exchange programme that has opened up a world of opportunity for many of our young people. The programme has helped more than three million Europeans study abroad in different countries since its creation, and has supported more than 300,000 research, teaching and training exchanges................. More.

25/01/17: Thalidomide Victims in Europe: 50 Years of Fight
Hosted by MEP Esteban Gonzilez Pons and MEP Kathleen Van Brempt in collaboration with S&D, ECR, The Greens and GUE. Statement by Jill Evans MEP................ More.

17/01/17: Western Mail Country & Farming Column: A joined-up transport policy would benefit Wales
You've probably heard of the Trans-Siberian railway, spanning about a third of the circumference of the planet. But it is less likely that you have heard about the Trans-European Transport Network. TEN-T, as it is known, is one of the flagship programmes of the European Union. Its purpose is to literally connect up Europe so it is much easier and faster to travel around and to provide a boost for the economy. ...................... More.

10/01/17: Daily Post Column
I wish all Daily Post readers a very happy and successful new year. It's hard to imagine that this year could possibly be a more momentous one than 2016. Yet 2017 will be crucial in shaping Wales's future as a nation. I am grateful to all of you who have contacted me during the past year on a whole range of issues affecting our communities and also demonstrating your concern for people across the world affected by war and poverty...................... More.

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