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  • Sesiwn Llawn y Senedd, agor Llywyddiaeth y DU, Brwsel
    Mehefin 23ain 2005

    Mr Blair,

    I listened carefully to your presentation and emphasis on solidarity and combating poverty but the delay in agreement on the budget means in my constituency, West Wales and the Valleys Objective 1 area has lost its chance for full convergence funding after 2007. While the UK Government focused on retaining the rebate, Wales lost up to three billion pounds. Next year will be too late. The UK interest was not in Wales' interest.

    I want Europe to change. We want a Europe where nations like Wales can play a full part in their own right.

    It is essential that we make Europe more relevant to people. And in line with that aim and following the example of the Irish Presidency and more recently the Spanish Government I call upon the UK Presidency to request that Welsh is made an official language of the European Union. And to translate that into Welsh myself, as we have to do here at present;

    Mynnwn fod Llywodraeth Prydain yn gofyn am wneud y Gymraeg yn iaith gwaith yn Senedd Ewrop.

    Diolch yn fawr/Thank you.

    Photo: Jill Evans