Women's Issues

Stronger measures to tackle violence against women

September 12th 2017

Plaid Cymru AM, MP and MEP unite to celebrate International Womenís Day

March 8th 2017

MEP calls on National Assembly to Ratify Convention

November 24th 2016

MEP calls for Action to Combat Inequality

June 5th 2013

Plaid Cymru calls for action to give women more opportunities

March 8th 2013

Plaid MEP visits Merched y Wawr

February 20th 2013

Jill Evans MEP supporting White Ribbon day

November 24th 2012

Calls to boost number of women in political decision making

March 13th 2012

International Women's Day - Call to strengthen women's private sector role

March 8th 2012

International Women's Day - EU must do more to tackle inequality

March 8th 2011

Plaid MEP exposes UK Government over Women's Day Hypocrisy

March 8th 2011

Jill Evans MEP quote for International Women's Day

March 8th 2011

MEP voices support the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 25th 2010

Western Mail Column: Maternity leave is a vital investment in our future

November 1st 2010

Jill Evans MEP welcomes vote on fully paid maternity and paternity leave

October 20th 2010

Plaid MEP supports parental rights at work

October 19th 2010

MEP and WI working together

September 23rd 2010

MEP and AM host White Ribbon Day event in the Senedd

November 25th 2008

MEP intervenes in deportation case

July 10th 2008

International Women's Day - Call for EU Women's Envoy

March 7th 2008

Jill welcomes Wales WI leaders to Brussels

November 14th 2007

Plaid welcomes action on trafficking women

January 26th 2007

Trafficking women for sex industry - Plaid MEP calls for more action

November 25th 2005

Plaid Cymru seeks greater role for women

August 3rd 2005

'Gender equality within Europe - fact or fiction?'

January 28th 2005

Human Traffic Scandal - Western Mail

October 15th 2003

World Rural Womenís Day: MEPís call for greater awareness

October 14th 2003

MEPs repeat clemency call as woman faces death

March 18th 2002

MEP launches Womenís Day Declaration

March 7th 2002

Europe to find out about Welsh Women

February 22nd 2002

'Wear a white ribbon' urges MEP

November 23rd 2001

European Leader Highlights Seven Goals Towards Equality

November 22nd 2001

European Parliament Demands Workplace Equality For Women

November 8th 2001

More to do on equality says MEP

March 8th 2001
Photo: Jill Evans