Welsh Language, Languages & Culture
Victory for language equality in the European Parliament September 11th 2018
Bridging the digital language divide June 19th 2018
Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans proposes action to end language inequality in Europe March 20th 2018
Plaid Cymru MEP stands with UDB to defend Breton speakers' rights May 12th 2017
'Geoblocking' and the Welsh language December 10th 2015
Plaid MEP repeats calls for more support for minority languages February 21st 2015
Language diversity side-lined in new EU Commission September 30th 2014
MEP to Highlight the Importance of Welsh with new EU Commission September 25th 2014
Jill Evans pushes for Welsh interpretation in new European Parliament July 1st 2014
International Mother Language Day Make Welsh official in Europe February 21st 2014
Plaid MEP celebrates European Day of Languages September 26th 2013
Plaid MEP renews call for Welsh to be official EU language April 22nd 2013
Wales Print Artists take Brussels by Storm March 19th 2013
Draig Werdd - The Welsh Society in Ireland February 22nd 2013
Language campaigners from across Europe join forces September 6th 2012
Phone App hits right note with MEP August 7th 2012
More Welsh in the European Parliament January 18th 2012
Blaenafon Cheese for singing rugby supporters April 15th 2010
Ospreys Choir to sing on European stage April 9th 2010
Reding urged to stand firm on language rights March 15th 2010
Historic Day in the life of the Welsh Language March 2nd 2010
Welsh wins its place at the European Commission July 8th 2009
Plaid MEP challenges Welsh exclusion February 5th 2009
Another landmark for the language November 25th 2008
Making history in Welsh November 20th 2008
Important agreement on Welsh in Europe reached in Brussels July 15th 2008
Labour MEP and the Welsh language - Plaid MEP slams hypocrisy June 30th 2008
Brussels appeal: Evans urges support to make Welsh official June 3rd 2008
Jill Evans Welcomes U-Turn on Welsh Language in Europe June 21st 2006
MEP backs institute for promotion of Welsh for adults May 22nd 2006
EU languages accord gives new hope for Welsh November 9th 2005
Plaid takes Welsh language campaign to Europe September 20th 2005
EU bows to pressure from Plaid Cymru MEP February 14th 2005
MEP outraged at Europe snub to Wales February 2nd 2005
Western Mail Article November 27th 2004
UK must follow Ireland's lead on EU languages November 24th 2004
Jill Evans - first to use Welsh legally in European Parliament November 17th 2004
New Spanish government boost for Plaid Cymru campaign July 27th 2004
Ahern boosts Plaid Cymru campaign for Welsh to be official EU language July 21st 2004
Photo: Jill Evans