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    Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans: has the privacy of anyone in Wales been breached? June 12th 2013
    Plaid MEP takes data protection concerns to the Information Commissioner May 21st 2013
    Evans opposes giving all personal passenger details to the US April 19th 2012
    Operation Blaze: Statement by Jill Evans MEP February 8th 2010
    Supporting Carers: Wales MEP joins European Parliament group on Carers January 27th 2010
    Wales MEP to speak at UK-wide human rights convention February 27th 2009
    MEP backs 'Talk 'Til It Stops' Campaign against child cruelty October 4th 2005
    Leading politician calls for new legislation on disabilities November 10th 2003
    Pledge to tackle child trafficking September 23rd 2003
    Welsh MEP addresses launch of European Peace and Human Rights Network February 1st 2002
    Euro MPs Approve Better Buses For Disabled November 6th 2001
    Plaid Welcomes European Parliament Moves To Freeze Terrorist Funds October 5th 2001
    Photo: Jill Evans