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  • GMOs & Cloning
    Plaid MEP backs ban on cloned animals in food September 8th 2015
    Plaid calls for Welsh Government statement on new GMO laws January 13th 2015
    2015 'will be critical for GM-free Wales' says MEP January 8th 2015
    EU vote paves way for Wales to ban GMOs November 12th 2014
    Jill Evans MEP: GMO freeze needed December 19th 2013
    EU food safety agency future questioned March 16th 2011
    MEP calls for GMO ban to remain September 15th 2010
    Western Mail column: Worrying move to break EU deadlock on GM crops July 27th 2010
    Dangers for Wales on GM crops July 13th 2010
    Vote to ban food from cloned animals July 7th 2010
    Boost for Welsh brands in Europe March 17th 2010
    Plaid Anger at GM potato decision March 10th 2010
    GMO ruling good news for Wales March 3rd 2009
    European court rules against secretive planting of genetically-modified crops February 19th 2009
    Plaid MEP criticises GM decision May 7th 2008
    GMO risk is too great November 26th 2007
    MEP hails partial victory on GMOs June 26th 2007
    Plaid MEP warns against GM maize approval June 21st 2007
    Organic food must be kept free of GMOs and chemicals June 12th 2007
    European Commission's waste proposals are rubbish at present February 13th 2007
    Polish parliament continues to lead the way September 20th 2006
    Wales GM Free status under threat from new ruling February 12th 2006
    Euro-MP criticises GM Euro court decision October 6th 2005
    Plaid Cymru MEP hosts major conference on GM Crops October 20th 2004
    U-Turn on GMOs welcomed September 8th 2004
    More democracy – fewer GMOs July 23rd 2004
    GM decision welcomed but fight goes on March 31st 2004
    GM: Wrong decisions by Labour in Westminster and Assembly March 9th 2004
    GM moves condemned February 19th 2004
    Europe maintains de facto GM ban February 18th 2004
    Kinnock slammed for betraying Wales in key vote December 19th 2003
    Evans slams 'irresponsible' UK government on GMOs December 10th 2003
    GM crop ban could be closer October 23rd 2003
    Launch of Citizens’ GMO Challenge to WTO September 10th 2003
    Plaid Cymru launch “Keep Wales GM-Free” petition at Royal Welsh July 18th 2003
    Evans welcomes new GM restrictions July 2nd 2003
    GM Free Wales a step closer with new European rules on GM contamination July 1st 2003
    Wales MEP welcomes strict new GM controls June 4th 2003
    Europe must legislate to stop GM contamination May 28th 2003
    Tighter controls on GMOs introduced by Welsh MEP May 22nd 2003
    MEP slams GM “polluted pays” proposals March 3rd 2003
    Tomorrow is D-Day for GMOs warns Plaid Cymru MEP October 16th 2002
    Plaid Cymru MEP warns of impending D-Day for GMOs October 8th 2002
    Euro-MPs calls for strict rules on GM food aid September 24th 2002
    Plaid welcomes European support for stricter GM labelling July 4th 2002
    Reject Blair’s GM bullying - Plaid tells Labour MEPs July 2nd 2002
    MEP attacks UK spin and lies over GM-food June 28th 2002
    MEP welcomes ‘great day for consumers’ June 2nd 2002
    MEP says "good riddance" to GM crop trials in Wales March 14th 2002
    MEP welcomes GM crop trials announcement January 31st 2002
    'Bizarre' situation highlighted by MEP January 18th 2002
    MEP Urges Member States To Stick To GMO Moratorium October 16th 2001
    Blair Criticised For Blocking Clearer GM Labelling October 4th 2001
    Award winning writer joins Action Day team July 11th 2001
    Wales Can Be GM-free Says MEP July 10th 2001
    MEP's Flintshire GM Meeting June 1st 2001
    Europe could give Wales a GM-free lifeline says MEP April 27th 2001
    Moratorium on GMO approvals must stay says MEP February 14th 2001
    Photo: Jill Evans