Plaid MEP welcomes calls to tackle food waste May 16th 2017
Plaid MEP fears damage to consumer confidence over meat inspections April 11th 2014
Plaid Cymru MEP campaigns for better food labelling March 6th 2013
"DNA testing is only part of the answer" says Plaid MEP February 14th 2013
MEP calls for action to cut food waste at Machynlleth conference November 7th 2011
Plaid MEP backs moves to reduce food waste September 15th 2011
Plaid MEP hosts Women’s Institute to discuss food labelling July 5th 2011
“Tell me honestly, where are you from?” August 3rd 2010
Western Mail: Independent abattoir inspections are vital June 29th 2010
Parliament votes for better food labelling June 16th 2010
Western Mail article: Traffic lights to help food shoppers February 9th 2010
Plaid leaders visit Roath Farmers’ market April 7th 2009
Boost for locally produced food February 18th 2009
Eat Welsh Week - Welsh Cakes gift from MEP November 21st 2008
Jill Evans praises commitment on eating disorders October 22nd 2008
Free school fruit plan welcomed October 9th 2008
Plaid MEP wants EU ban on food from cloned animals September 3rd 2008
Better food policy needed to tackle obesity crisis February 1st 2007
Promoting healthy diets and physical activity November 15th 2006
Source Food Locally July 10th 2006
Parliament NO to 'healthy' alcopops May 16th 2006
"Join the Food Revolution" - Welsh Food Celebrated at Brussels Breakfast January 25th 2006
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Do you know where your dinner was last night? July 18th 2005
Stop dodgy food labelling ruining children's health, says MEP January 27th 2004
World Food Day - International Alliance Against Hungers October 16th 2003
MEP sets challenge for Welsh chocoholics February 28th 2003
Photo: Jill Evans