European Issues
Plaid Cymru MEP calls for Wales to look to Europe for bold decisions March 23rd 2018
Plaid Cymru campaign for retaining EU citizenship receives another boost with speech in key European Parliament debate March 13th 2018
EU must Recognise the Potential of Green Jobs September 14th 2017
Plaid Cymru MEP calls for EU citizenship to be protected September 13th 2017
An opportunity to shape a new future for Wales July 12th 2016
Plaid responds to UK deal on EU membership February 19th 2016
Plaid MEP hails EU’s vital role in preserving peace in Ireland and beyond February 19th 2016
Plaid Cymru MEP supports call for European AMBER Alert to protect children February 19th 2016
Brexit vote must respects all constituent parts of the UK February 3rd 2016
Wales must have 'red card' on Brexit, says Plaid MEP February 2nd 2016
Jill Evans MEP calls on the Welsh Government to make Wales's case November 6th 2015
Jill Evans MEP launches report confirming Wales benefits from European Union membership July 22nd 2015
Jill Evans MEP to launch first EU Membership Report at Royal Welsh Show July 16th 2015
Wales must get on board multi-billion EU investment plan June 25th 2015
Plaid MEP welcomes A55 EU funding application June 24th 2015
> EU risks "paralysis by analysis" warns Plaid MEP May 20th 2015
Jill Evans MEP outlines benefits of EU membership for Wales May 15th 2015
Plaid calls for EU funded search and rescue programme April 24th 2015
Wales must take advantage of EU Investment plan, says Plaid MEP November 27th 2014
Wales ignored in EU Commissioner appointment September 12th 2014
Plaid Cymru MEP votes for Juncker July 15th 2014
Plaid Cymru renews Green, SNP alliance in Europe June 18th 2014
Plaid MEP calls for citizens of Wales to have the same rights as all other EU citizens May 1st 2013
Don't cut EU funding which is invested in jobs and growth says MEP March 13th 2013
A mixed result for Wales in CAP vote March 13th 2013
Plaid Cymru MEP response to EU Budget Negotiations February 8th 2013
EU Summit crucial for Wales February 6th 2013
Cameron Speech: Plaid calls for Wales to maximise EU benefits January 23rd 2013
Simplify EU rules to help Welsh firms, says MEP December 10th 2012
Plaid MEP: Wales will lose out if budget cut November 21st 2012
Plaid stand up for Welsh interests in vote on EU budget November 1st 2012
EU Budget must protect Welsh funding October 23rd 2012
Calls to investigate secret CIA prisons in Europe September 12th 2012
Plaid MEP applauds the use of European grants on Ynys Môn February 28th 2012
Plaid MEP warns further spending cuts will be catastrophic for Wales January 30th 2012
Cambria Magazine: The changing face of Europe December 2011
Click on Wales: Future of the Euro 3: Solidarity inside the European Union December 21st 2011
EU budget wastes over a billion pounds on nuclear research December 13th 2011
Green light for Croatia's EU membership December 1st 2011
EU budget deal 'bad news for Wales' December 1st 2011
Simplifying public procurement would help Welsh businesses October 25th 2011
Plaid MEP welcomes transaction tax announcement September 28th 2011
Jill Evans MEP, criticises new EU rules on dual-use exports September 28th 2011
Why the EU Budget is good for Wales June 30th 2011
MEP Recharges Her Batteries in European Parliament September 28th 2010
Wales's Youth are Europe's Future September 21st 2010
New EU President must address 'Europe's missing link' November 25th 2009
Give Wales A Say November 17th 2009
Plaid MEP Challenges Commission President September 16th 2009
Wales must approve UK Commissioner September 16th 2009
Plaid MEP to lead Euro Parliament Group June 25th 2009
Plaid MEP to speak in Abergavenny April 20th 2009
Lanky leeks: EU vegetable ban scrapped November 12th 2008
Make your voice heard to save playing fields - Plaid May 24th 2008
MEP calls for end to two seat parliament February 26th 2008
Plaid MEP condemns UK opt out from European Charter December 12th 2007
Toxic Toys - Plaid MEP calls for new toy safety laws September 25th 2007
MEP says no to nuisance telesales July 29th 2006
Plaid MEP responds to EU budget deal December 17th 2005
Wales set to lose out on EU Billions December 1st 2005
Migrating Birds a Tragic Reflection of UK EU Presidency October 26th 2005
48 hour countdown to save Welsh Euro billions June 15th 2005
Labour MEPs fail to stand up for Wales in key vote June 8th 2005
Plaid Cymru response to French 'Non' on EU Constitution May 31st 2005
UK Government condemned on EU regional policy May 27th 2005
MEP backs EU commission censure motion May 24th 2005
Plaid Cymru wins key concessions on European rural funding April 24th 2005
Cambrian Magazine: Turkey and the European Union Jan./Feb. 2005
Euro funding sought for Wales nature sites January 31st 2005
Jill Evans MEP - Fighting for Wales in Europe December 15th 2004
Plaid Cymru MEP to vote against European Commission November 17th 2004
What will the new Commission mean for rural Wales? November 16th 2004
Plaid MEP welcomes postponement of Commission vote October 27th 2004
Plaid Cymru MEP will vote against new European Commission October 26th 2004
Plaid discusses Wales' role in EU with Minister October 12th 2004
Evidence before admission, says Welsh MEP October 6th 2004
Plaid Cymru want Eurostat answer October 5th 2004
'Mandelson has a lot of convincing to do' October 1st 2004
‘Another stitch-up’ July 22nd 2004
Plaid Cymru slam ‘farcical procedure’ June 29th 2004
New Labour Plans Will Cost Wales Millions April 21st 2004
Plaid Welcome Blair U-Turn on EU Constitution April 19th 2004
Plaid Cymru's "Irish Call" March 16th 2004
EU plans for VAT on stamps slammed March 11th 2004
MENCAP members visit the European Parliament February 18th 2004
Why Europe isn’t quite as 'bananas' as it seems - Western Mail January 12th 2004
Jill stamps down on Christmas post cost December 16th 2003
Plaid Cymru Euro-MPs demand answers on Eurostat fraud case September 24th 2003
MEP backs breweries concerns on Noise Directive March 13th 2002
Stateless nations must not be voiceless nations say Plaid MEPs February 28th 2002
Wales sidelined in EU future talks February 13th 2002
Belgian Presidency quizzed over Wales’ role in Europe July 5th 2001
Euro-MP Steps Up Wales Info Office Campaign June 27th 2001
MEP welcomes investigation into inflated CD prices February 9th 2001
Photo: Jill Evans