Employment, Enterprise & Workers' Rights
Plaid MEP backs Minimum Income Campaign April 23th 2018
EU must Recognise the Potential of Green Jobs September 14th 2017
Jill Evans MEP asks 'who made my clothes'? April 20th 2016
Plaid Cymru MEP backs Europe-wide action to tackle youth unemployment July 18th 2014
Plaid have a youth guarantee at the heart of their policy March 10th 2014
Call to prioritise youth unemployment at EU leaders meeting October 24th 2013
Youth unemployment in Cardiff shockingly high October 23rd 2013
Jill Evans MEP calls for Wales to lead Europe in employee ownership May 28th 2013
Plaid MEP supports new Youth Employment measures April 24th 2013
MEP reminds TRW of its social responsibility November 4th 2010
Welsh Centre for Enterprise forges European links June 17th 2009
Tories let down Welsh workers again March 27th 2009
Blow to Brown on working time opt-out December 17th 2008
Working time vote welcomed November 7th 2008
Plaid MEP says Wales's unhealthy job culture must stop May 11th 2005
Anglesey pay gap raised in Euro Parliament January 12th 2005
Blair should fight for Welsh workers in EU constitution talks June 17th 2004
Jill Evans MEP Visit Caernarfon April 26th 2004
Labour and Tories abandon British workers February 11th 2004
British Government slammed for failure on workers' hours January 22nd 2004
UK Government slammed on Workers Rights in new report January 8th 2004
Welsh former steelworkers take pension case to Europe November 5th 2003
Communication or breakdown? - Daily Post October 29th 2003
Welsh workers playing catch-up on EU workers rights July 3rd 2003
Temporary agency workers: European Parliament creates a loophole in equal treatment law November 21st 2002
Euro MP hails Friction breakthrough November 14th 2002
MEP hosts launch of Welsh employment and entrepreneurship partnerships in Brussels November 4th 2002
MEP demands better health & safety protection for working women July 11th 2002
Euro MP backs Friction Dynamex rally and demands action on workers rights June 7th 2002
Euro MP in Pembrokeshire call centre talks April 26th 2002
Wales could face another Corus warns Euro MP February 4th 2002
Euro MP backs Friction Dynamex rally and demands action on workers rights February 1st 2002
MEP Challenges Blair To Act On Job Losses December 12th 2001
MEP Demands Stronger Consultation Rights For Workers In Wales October 23rd 2001
MEP's Jobs Challenge To UK Government May 17th 2001
Corus to be criticised at works council hearing April 24th 2001
European Parliament to hear of Corus' shameful treatment of workers February 12th 2001
Photo: Jill Evans