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    UK government blocking moves to tackle steel crisis – Plaid MEP March 16th 2016
    Plaid MEP backs better banking laws April 15th 2014
    ‘Lessons have not been learned’ - Jill Evans MEP wants stronger banking sector reforms February 6th 2014
    Plaid backs cap on bankers' bonuses April 16th 2013
    Credit Rating Agencies to be regulated January 17th 2013
    Plaid calls for Procurement Legislation to help create new Welsh jobs January 14th 2013
    Plaid MEP welcomes the European Parliament’s decision to back Robin Hood Tax May 23rd 2012
    “Europe must reject failed austerity” - Plaid Cymru MEP May 23rd 2012
    Plaid MEP renews calls for Robin Hood Tax May 22nd 2012
    Jill Evans MEP speaking on the economic crisis at the European Parliament, Strasbourg March 13th 2012
    Plaid MEP calls for a tax on banks March 12th 2010
    Brown falls flat in Strasbourg March 24th 2009
    Recover, Reform and Renew: Plaid plan to get Wales out of recession March 5th 2009
    Photo: Jill Evans