Daily Post Column
November 20th 2018

There is only one possible subject I can write on this week! The Prime Minister managed to get the EU Withdrawal Agreement through the Cabinet last week which triggered yet more chaos and uncertainty.

There is only one sensible way forward now and that is a People’s Vote, with the option of staying in the European Union.

The Withdrawal Agreement itself is 585 pages long. How many times does it mention Wales? Not once! I think that says it all. Despite government promises, Wales has been neglected by the Westminster Government throughout this process. As Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price said, “we are clearly leaving the wrong union”. The Welsh Government was not consulted at all before the agreement was announced. Yet if it is adopted it will leave Wales in a much weaker position than we are now.

Plaid Cymru MPs will not support the Withdrawal Agreement. We have consistently demanded that Wales stays in the Single Market as so many jobs in Wales depend on our links with the rest of Europe. The proposal as it stands rules that out. If the Agreement is accepted, we would negotiate our future economic, security and political relationship from a position of weakness. We want to chart a better and brighter course for our nation. This is not the way to achieve that.

We are now faced with options and we should have the right to choose. Leaving the EU with no agreement at all would be even more disastrous and would wipe billions off the Welsh economy. The best option is to remain as we are with all the benefits that brings.

Only a People’s Vote can break the deadlock. There is nothing wrong with having the chance to change your mind when all the true facts are known. Polls show the majority in Wales would now vote to remain in the European Union. That decision should be ours to make.


Photo: Jill Evans