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  • European Funding
    Plaid: European funds could deliver the electrification of the north Wales rail line December 3rd 2012
    Plaid Cymru President receives party backing to safeguard European funding for Wales September 9th 2011
    Plaid MEP speaks up for Wales in Europe February 1st 2011
    MEP calls on Wales to respond November 10th 2010
    MEP welcomes vote on funding October 7th 2010
    "Don't jeopardise our funding!" calls MEP September 22nd 2010
    MEP fighting for fair EU funding for Wales July 7th 2010
    MEP backs EU budget boost for Wales December 11th 2008
    Plaid politicians discuss European funding February 28th 2008
    Euro budget boost welcomed May 17th 2006
    Reaction by Tony Blair to speech by Jill Evans ASE/MEP - Brussels June 23rd 2005
    Plaid Cymru push for meeting over loss of aid funds - Western Mail October 28th 2003
    European Parliament rejects calls to hand control of structural funds to London September 3rd 2002
    MEP warns Labour of Objective One failure December 5th 2002
    Photo: Jill Evans