Western Mail Column March 19th 2019
Plaid Cymru MEP demands urgent plan for replacement of EU funds for Wales if we leave the EU February 15th 2019
Western Mail Country & Farming Column: Leaving the EU will entrench Wales' unequal status January 29th 2019
Research shows worst inequality in Europe is between London and Wales and itís getting worse January 24th 2019
The Feasibility of Associate EU Citizenship for UK Citizens Post-Brexit July 6th 2017
Possibilities for keeping EU citizenship after leaving the EU set out in new report June 20th 2017
Jill Evans MEP calls for openness in the negotiations April 20th 2017
Plaid Cymru MEP reacts to the triggering of Article 50 March 29th 2017
"Exchange" article, The Bevan Foundation Magazine November 7th 2016
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Photo: Jill Evans