Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans welcomes World Bee Day on 20th May May 18th 2018
Jill Evans MEP votes to ensure stricter welfare regulation on Rabbit farming March 15th 2017
Jill Evans MEP calls for support to end bull fighting subsidies October 27th 2015
Plaid MEP backs end to bullfighting subsidies October 22nd 2014
Western Mail column MEP's View: Why wildlife criminality needs to be stamped on January 28th 2014
Plaid MEP recognised for work on animal welfare and agriculture September 26th 2013
Plaid MEP hails success of her pet passport law May 23rd 2013
UK government called on to support bees May 21st 2013
Plaid Cymru MEP welcomes European Commission decision to safeguard bees April 30th 2013
Plaid MEP votes for an end to shark finning November 22nd 2012
Colleagues back Plaid MEP on Animal Welfare Strategy June 19th 2012
UK failing on animal testing law June 6th 2012
MEP on Animal Welfare Action Plan February 8th 2012
Jill Evans MEP sees success of Newport Wetlands September 19th 2011
Welsh MEP Jill Evans calls for an end to animal suffering April 8th 2011
Western Mail Country & Farming Column: Animal testing law is ‘a missed opportunity’ September 28th 2010
MEP on Animal Welfare Action Plan March 17th 2010
MEP joins the 65,000 Cyber Marchers November 11th 2009
Twelve million reasons for change March 11th 2009
Animal testing - MEP wants law changed October 29th 2008
MEP campaigns to save albatross June 13th 2007
MEP backs end to seal pup cruelty September 6th 2006
Backing for first ever Europe wide action plan on animal protection January 30th 2006
Plaid MEP backing campaign to end bear cruelty October 27th 2005
Pets win passports April 10th 2003
Welsh MEP campaigns to protect 12 million animals used for experiments in EU November 6th 2002
Welsh MEP’s report paves the way for new ‘Pet Passports’ October 3rd 2002
Crucial week for Welsh MEP’s animal rights crusade October 1st 2002
MEP condemns animal experiments April 3rd 2001
MEP demands action on EU animal experiments ban March 13th 2001
Photo: Jill Evans