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Speaking at Plaid rally in Aberystwyth, April 27th 2010

Speaking to President Barroso, European Parliament Plenary Session, September 15th 2009

A Day In The Life Of A MEP

Troops Out No Trident Demo, February 24th 2007

Hafod Landfill, Wrexham, September 11th 2006

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Europarl TV

EU Detox Plan:12.3 million tonnes of electrical waste is what we can expect by 2020 in the EU. To stop hazardous substances from polluting the environment and affecting public health MEPs are looking to change a directive dating back to 2003.

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Buy Local for Christmas radio interview, December 11th 2012
Pembroke Power Station radio interview, December 11th 2012
BBC Wales EU Budget interview, November 22nd 2012
Organ donation interview, May 19th 2010
Communicating with the European Commission in Welsh, July 10th 2009.

Photo: Jill Evans